I then believe that an annual League World diminish the importance of the World and historical tournaments like the Six Nations.

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I then believe that an annual League World diminish the importance of the World and historical tournaments like the Six Nations.

You will not see some of the French champagne rugby, will battle. But we are ready. We do not come to see them play at Twickenham and we are no longer the team that slows the game, trying to maul and doing a boring rugby. We will not be physical like them at the level of the frontline, but we have our cards. ” Sergio Parisse believes it.

Italy finds his captain for the match to England tomorrow (17:45 hours Italian, direct DMax), and although the former is 24 defeats in 24 earlier, though the Blues do not win a game in the tournament since 2015 – Philoctetes 20 defeats – the feeling is that the team still wants to take another step in its growth path. “It will be the biggest game of our Six Nations – says the 8, available after missing Ireland for the concussion suffered in the French league – in the first three games we showed good things, now we have to keep the athletic level we showed in the game and try to be up to 70 ‘for groped to do something important. ” Rugby, Six Nations, O’Shea: “Italy will attack England” FOX AND PLAYING GROUND – Two years ago the Blues were able to hold the meeting in the balance up to 70 ‘(the result was 17-15, then It ended 36-15) thanks to a first insult time marked by the “Fox”, a tactic that sent in the ball thanks to the British failure offside in a ruck. Eddie Jones, who then was furious, it seems looking for revenge.

So at least you can also read the choice to field the pair of centers heaviest ever in the history of England, Ben Te’o-Manu Tuilagi, 214 kg in two, plus 115 kg wing Joe Cokasaniga. Three rams that will work overtime to Campagnaro, Morisi and various Esposito, Padovani and Hayward. “Jones wants to make some type of play, wants to be dominant behind, but does not know the game you would like to do – adds Parisse -. It will take utmost care to contact, we will be in trouble in one on one so we need two men in the tackle to slow the ball.

We want to play our balls. We have a great line-outs, against Ireland we were quick in meeting points with our possession. We have an ambitious game plan. It is the meeting points will live slot toto be critical: Wales has put Britain at this stage “. Skepticism WORLD LEAGUE – Parisse also spoke of the Rugby World proposal to establish a World League to 12 teams with promotion and relegation, a project which in fact would open at the end of a Six Nations closed.

On Thursday c.t. blue O’Shea had called “a great idea” an attempt at reform that, on paper, would threaten the place of Italy, but that also would touch delicate economic balance. “It ‘clear that when it comes to promotion and relegation we feel a target – says the captain blue – but it must be clear that we are not in the Six Nations because it is nice for the British to come for a weekend in Rome. We have admitted that we beat strong teams and in recent years we have been competitive.

If World Rugby decides to reform Italy to comply, but as players want answers and input on the children’s physical and logistics. In some ways they’re skeptical. Players should not be overloaded, should not be tossed from one part of the world and must not be placed in a situation of conflict with their clubs.

On these points I agree with Owen Farrell, Kieran Read and Jonathan Sexton. I then believe that an annual League World diminish the importance of the World and historical tournaments like the Six Nations. It ‘also true that though the Tier 2 teams claim to have more opportunities to deal with the high level, as they have done Italy and Argentina entering the Six and in the Four Nations.

The argument is not easy, involving many interests. ” THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV From our correspondent Simone Battaggia

September 28, 2018 – Milan One bystander was hit in the face by the ball of Brooks Koepka, on the morning of the first day of the Ryder Cup at the Golf National in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France. And ‘success to the hole 6 in the fourballs challenge: the Koepka drive, paired with Tony Finau, is finished to the left of the fairway, in the crowd. GalleriaKoepka hitting a woman in the eye The spectator was hit in the face, but has always remained conscious and was taken away from the field. “I went to see – said Koepka the end of the match, won against the Europeans Rose and Rahm – at first glance was bad.

Not a little bleeding. The ball must have struck her full in the eye. Luckily he did not have lowering of vision or anything like that. ” “It’s not a pleasant situation – continued Koepka -. When you hurt someone, do not you ever purpose, but happen to hit people, and we are uncomfortable. You would never know their own ball hits someone, especially a woman.

There is really bad. ” Rescued, the woman was taken to hospital. He not reported fractures. Gasport

February 9, 2019 – A Milan during the Olimpico game. Thus ends Lapresse Italy-Wales, the second day of the Six Nations 2019. The dragons impose the law of the strongest Olympic Stadium: Italy beat with the score 26-15, but the Blues have managed to stay in the match for all eighty minutes, leaving the field to head high against an opponent of the highest level.

Next race on February 24, even at home, against Ireland. 2nd TIME 80 ‘: final insult, with the third goal for Wales to close the match. But the TMO delete marking a step forward, the referee call that closed the match. Bravo Parisse, which robs the touche to Wales. Ball Italy, though stolen soon after by the dragoons.

79 ‘: another nice idea to Padovani, with a soccer forward and puts pressure on Wales. Hayward, however, is caught offside: lost ball and punishment for guests. 76 ‘: blue good, comes the second half! Great play by Allan, with a break that breaks in two the defense of Wales before leaning on Padovani, it can fly to support the oval. The same Allan, however, fails the additional transformation under blue honorably, 26-15.

74 ‘: blue fray at the gates of the 22 Welsh. Merit to Italy, which does not cease to believe in this final. 70 ‘: the second half of Wales, which effectively ended the ten-by-term accounts. Great play by Anscombe, with a lob that exceeds the last blue line allowing Watkin flying to rest in the goal. Wales also transforms the additional placed: 26-10, Blue yield.

69 ‘: stravinta fray from Wales, kicking into touch on the five meter blue. Guests try to close it, Italy must resist. 67 ‘: Welsh penalty in the 22 blue. Scrum with introduction for Italy. 64 ‘: she recovered ball but then lost from Hayward, which opens the way to the second Welsh goal.

Take Action BMT, canceling for the Adams forward: scrum in favor of the blue. 60 ‘: body the hour, two more changes for the Blues. Back Gori, which comes along with Bigi and Easter. Outside Ghilardini, Palazzani and Ferrari 57 ‘: Also comes Barbini, which takes the place of Negri. The substitutions, however, seem to have changed the face of Wales, who returns to put under blue: TraorĂ© does not move after the tackle, penalty and punishment for guests.

54 ‘: it falls on the blue wall, with Adams that flies toward the goal, the first of Wales. Biggar transformed back lines longer dragons: 19-10. 51 ‘: even changes for Italy, with O’Shea who fielded Traore and Ruzza instead of Quaglio and Budd 50′. double change for Wales. Inside Jones and Lewis, off Bell and Lee. 49 ‘: another good defense of the Blues, who manage to overturn the action fighting back the ball in the middle of the Welsh camp.

47 ‘: great play by Steyn, who with one hand robs la touche Wales interrupting very dangerous action. The forward of the Blues, however, leads to the loose ball: guests still attack and sub for O’Shea, which inserts McKinley in place of Allan. 43 ‘: ball almost stolen from Wales, but with irregular action which has led to the free kick for the Azzurri.

Allan turns without problems: tenth point Italy, now the O’Shea guys we believe! 42 ‘: good kick of Allan, which brings the blues in the 22 Welsh. Begin the Olimpico location: exchange of long kicks between the two teams, the end is blue touche.

1st TIME we close here the first forty minutes of play. Wales ahead 12-7, but Italy’s and is fully in the game. Allan hit the post!

Wasted opportunity from the median of blue opening, which prints placed on the riser that would allow Italy to go to the range below two points. 40 ‘: free kick for Italy. Allan will seek the posts, in what will be the last action of the first half.

39 ‘: good defensive work blues with the melee of Wales which yields under the pressure of the Italian package.

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