Who We Are

Kanusports Australia Pty Ltd


From our humble beginnings the Australian distributor of the fashionable KANUSURF ® surfwear from USA, we are now rebranding and diversifying into ‘Sustainability in Fashion’.

While surfwear is still our forte, a significant quantum change is being undertaken by the Company toward this area of fashion.


Demands by modern fashionistas / trendsetters towards Sustainability in Fashion is rapidly on the rise around the Fashion Capital Cities of the world. This concept is what we wish to create in Australia and we are dedicated and passionate towards this challenge to minimise our carbon footprints for the good of our precious environment.


In this score, we are now the Australian Distributor of the following :-


                                                                                                              Reuse Excess Material    

“Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or do Without”

aa are procuring excess material from ethical and socially responsible factories to create a fashion line that is both unique and trendy. With quality designs and usage of these excess materials means there is less wastage which will end up in non-sustainable landfill.

We are now headlining a Fashion Statement for environmentally friendly clothing, an increasingly important factor in maintaining the balance of our fragile environment.